eCOS - Excellence Consignment Operation System


Our forwarding and dispatch management system is capable of managing the entire operation of a forwarder and express delivery company, connecting the relevant departments, analyzing the reporting data in order to make decisions easier and faster.

  • The system consists of the following main modules:
    • Consignment Operating system as Kanban interface for Sales / CS / Operation / Accounting
    • Operating system features including as managing Network/Delivery zone, Pricing, Booking, Pickup/Delivery Dispatching, Revenue Protection, Route Sorting, Bagging/Transiting, COD/Cash/Collect, SOA,...
    • Customer Portal for Corporate customers
    • Mobile app for Individual customers to place order
    • Mobile app for drivers and postman
    • Integrating with CRM system helps to manage customer relations
    • The ECM system helps manage the archives of scanned documents
    • Track & Trace page for customer tracking order status
    • The API helps to connect with e-commerce customers quickly
    • More than 30+ reports