eWMS - Excellence Warehouse Management System


Warehousing is always a key business in Logistics enterprises. On the other hands, there are a lot of operation issues such as inventory management, inbound/outbound management (first in - first out or first in - last out), SKU's locations in stock, transportation, suppliers, customers, reports,...

For those reasons, our eWMS system focuses on and resolves practicle issues by full features, smart, stable operation and high speed. We also develop PDA, Smartphone applications for professional warehouses.

Software features:

  • Inbound Management
  • Outbound Management
  • Inventory management
  • Location/Rack management
  • Supplier, Customer management
  • Pricing Management
  • Support Carcode/ QRCode scanner and PDA/mobile application
  • Support API with customs authory for the bonded warehouses or API with e-commerce sites or SME's system
  • Support with RFID/Robotics/Auto-sorting system